We collect stories:

We collect a range of stories- from case studies to social and legal developments concerning the lives of street children. Constant interaction with around 10000 members of Badhte Kadam (literally translated in English as ‘stepping forward’) -a federation of street and working children- helps us gather stories from streets of 7 districts of North India, as seen from the eyes of children themselves.These stories are validated through field visits.

We Write:

Our Team comprises of children who are/ have been on the streets. Each story involves extensive brainstorming and team work, for which editorial meetings are held regularly. A storyboard is then prepared for final production.

We distribute:

Balaknama is distributed amongst our dedicated clients, children living on the streets, admirers, common people, in markets, at NGOs, civil societies and government authorities. All events/opportunities that carry a scope of developing interest amongst different stakeholders concerning the well being of street and working children are also used for the distribution of Balaknama.